So many ways we teach coding
There's something for everyone across Australia & New Zealand.

Curriculum for schools

With the Code with Altino education system for schools, it is easy for teachers to teach their students to code in the context of STEAM. Just follow the bouncing ball. See here for more details on our most popular service.

Coding Courses

Let our expert trainers teach your students how to code. With the Creative Kids Voucher offered by the NSW Government, schools in NSW can offer coding courses for FREE. See here for more details.

Robotics Education Packages & FREE AI Resources Hub

Anyone can learn how to code at home. From the ages of 5 to 75, our tailored education packages are based on your goals. You will be programming computers in different languages in no time. Go to to see how you can purchase a robotics education package for your home in Australia or New Zealand.
This website is also a hub for the latest videos, podcasts and articles on AI, robotics and computer coding.

International robotics competition

Is your school interested in sending a student to South Korea for the international robot competition? See last year's Australian team here.

Altino the Robot Car

Our hero is Altino the Robot Car. Australia's most sophisticated educational robot where students can learn up to 8 languages with the one versatile robot. See here for more on Altino.

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