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Tailored for S.A. schools

In collaboration with the University of South Australia.

Teacher Professional Learning Programmes

New opportunity now available for teachers in future-oriented learning and computer programming. Now is the time for you to become part of the new, exciting digital world and engage your students in artificial intelligence, computer programming and solving problems that relate to the tangible, real world.

Altino the Robot Car is Australia's most advanced autonomous AI (Artificial Intelligence) educational robot and is great fun for teachers and students. The program develops students' critical thinking and problem solving by programming the robot's functions including movement, lights, LED signboard and music. Altino has many sensors to program including 10 light sensors and 6 infrared sensors. Includes Altino sprite programming capability on your laptop or iPad after the program.

See new methodologies on students' self-directed learning - particularly useful for Gifted and Talented.

Professional Learning programs will be designed to align with Teacher Registration Board of South Australia requirements.

Professional Learning programmes for teachers will be available for Primary School (K-6) - Beginners and Advanced:
  • Interactive online programmes via Zoom - Term 4 2020 onwards. Robot rental and freight to your school included.
  • Saeon will provide face-to-face programmes at UniSA, Mawson Lakes campus in 2021.

  • Please contact us for more information on these programs.

    Robot Packages available for purchase
    We highly recommend purchase of Altino the Robot Car packages - freighted to your school. The Robot Packages come complete with online tutorials and lessons - tailored for each year - K-6. All lessons are linked to ACARA STEAM and Digital Technologies Syllabi.

    Please contact us for more information and various packages available for your school.

    Altino the Robot Car demonstration
    Altino the Robot Car is used by UniSA Connect in STEM programs. UniSA Connect will provide a demonstration of Altino the Robot Car on:
            Thursday 20 August 4:00pm – 4:45pm
            In UniSA Connect Maths and Science Centre,
            Building P, Room P1-11 at Mawson Lakes campus,
            University of South Australia.
    If you would like to attend, please register by sending an email to

    "The Altino Education system is an excellent application of challenging but age appropriate programming which can act as a catalyst for complex computational thinking."
    Associate Professor Simon Leonard, Associate Professor: STEM Education, University of South Australia

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