Altino the Robot Car

Australia's most advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) autonomous robot car.

Students program Altino the robot's functions - including movement, lights, LED sign board, sounds, music and multi-sensors. Robot sensors include IR (infrared) sensors, light sensors, accelerometer and gyroscope - where the basic principles of coding are covered such as loops, operators and conditional statements. This is how students apply their computer programming skills to real life problems and become "confident coders". Teachers facilitate the learning process with "done for you" group project exercises with the Code with Altino Programmes.

code with altino

Made in South Korea by Saeon Co.

Internationally proven across thousands of schools in 10 countries, aligned with ACARA (Australia) and NESA (NSW) Syllabus - Mandatory STEM & Digital Technologies, easy "follow the bouncing ball" education programme for teachers to teach, use almost any digital device for programming - including PC, laptop, iPad, android tablet and iPhone, Multiple programming languages, Applicable for early learning to university level.

code with altino

How does it work?

altino the robot car

Altino the Robot Car

Teaches computer programming to school students, in a fun and interactive way.

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School Teachers

Teach critical thinking skills, problem solving skills and STEM (STEAM) via the step-by-step Code with Altino programmes.

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Saeon Australia Pty Ltd

Consults with you to recommend suitable programs for your school and teachers, that fit your teachers' skill levels - from no computer programming experience to highly experienced.


Alex, 6th grade teacher, St Johns Park Public School

I have never seen kids so excited to learn.

Government of Hawaii, USA

Altino has been incorporated into the City of Daejon's school curriculum. As a result, Daejon has become the top coding district in the entire country. These efforts are greatly appreciated and will prepare our keiki (children) for the future.

Terry Gallagher, Director Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, Qld Department of Education

The officers in the STEM team spoke favourably about (Altino's) its use in supporting students to develop programming skills. I also commend the comprehensive mapping of the teaching material to the Australian Curriculum which is highly valued by teachers.

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